The Five Elements

In the Taoist view, the metal element is very similar to air. It includes the Lungs and Large Intestines as its organs, but in general represents the process of transforming something that is base and impure into something that is pure and strong.

It represents suppleness and the ability to yield well in the face of force or aggression. It is the ability to transform anger into creativity. It the job of the Liver to know the destination, and the Gall bladder to overcome obstacles on the path.

It is dominant and represents warmth, light, and the initial spark of life. It is the ability to transform giddiness and inappropriate behavior into appropriate behavior. The Heart is the heavenly emperor, and the Small Intestine helps us sort the good from the evil, the pure from the impure. This is very important in dealing with issues such as ADD and ADHD. The Heart Protector and the Triple Heater are important in all aspects of relationship, hormones and proper body temperature.

Earth represents all that we think of as substantial, enduring, and persevering. It is the ability to turn worry and rumination into abundance and giving. The Spleen and the Stomach are involved with all issues of digestion and the absorption of nutrients.

Water is the most dynamic of elements, taking on all forms. It is all that is soft, fluid, continuous, frozen or gaseous. The Bladder and Kidneys store our DNA and our destiny. It is the ability to turn fear and the need for reassurance into power.