Traditional Chinese medicine holds the concept of yin and yang as its basis. Today we will look at these through the lenses of being versus doing. Being is a more reflective/passive state associated with yin. Doing is a more active/task-oriented variation of yang. In relationships, men are characterized as being yang problem solvers and women as more yin, in touch with their feelings. These states are all transitory in our daily lives. We experience both of these states. While the two fish swim together in Escher-like flow, our goal is to be the line that divides the two fish. This Middle Way is the key to health on all levels. If we are too lazy our muscles weaken, but too active and not rested we fatigue and get exhausted. Likewise, our minds and spirits can be too passive or too aggressive. In which case one could either be manic or depressive. Instead we strive to experience life and live it to its fullest. When the opportunity presents itself, live large and know when to rest and recharge your batteries for a healthy balance of Yin and Yang. Stress comes not from what we do but how we react to what we do. So live wisely, eat wisely, minimize stress and be healthy. Live life. Be present physically, emotionally and spiritually.