Five Element Acupuncture can help with a variety of issues, including:

CTS is a malfunction of the Retinacular Band, which acts like a rubber band at the base of the wrist to hold the tendons in place.  With repetitive overuse, bad posture, and poor ergonomics it is a recipe for disaster.

While surgery can temporarily fix the problem, it’s rarely a cure.  The true root of the problem lies in the neck, shoulder and humeral attachment of the arm bone onto the back and spine.

TREATMENT:  A course of treatment is 10 sessions.

1.  An initial intake to define related weakness, strengths and stresses.

2.  Postural and gait analysis and corrective exercises are introduced each session to strengthen the tendons.

3.  Acupuncture is applied to release the nervous system and allow for healing and pain reduction.

4.  Myotherapy massage/Tui Na, cupping and other techniques are used to release knots and improve range of motion.

Poor sleep is an epidemic in our country, obviously I don’t need to tell you that.  It is why you are on this page.  But it manifests in a dozen different ways.  So that is what you and I will discern; what is your insomnia pattern and therefore how will treatment proceed.

First, what we know for sure.  We look for what is going up that should be going down and what is going down that should be going up.  Insomnia is a rising of energy at a time when the body/mind should be in descent, likewise for headaches, dizziness and constipation.

Next it is important to discern if the trouble is in falling or staying asleep.  Do you wake between 1-3 AM?  How long are you awake?  Do you wake rested?  Are you in pain?  Are you worrying, planning, anxious or frightened?  Are there night sweats or is there great thirst? These symptoms and more factors will assist to wean you off Lunesta or Ambien.


After discerning you particular make-up and constitution, acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can be extremely effective in the pursuit of a great nights sleep.  An initial course of 10 weekly treatments will have profound effects on your sleep and overall health which is also affected by poor sleep.

Typically people describe two patterns of Sciatica:

1.  Pain travels down the middle of the hamstring, starting in the back or buttocks, to the knee, calf or ankle. (Bladder Meridian)

2.  Pain follows the outer pant seam from the hip to the outer knee and ankle. (Gall Bladder Meridian)

In both cases, pain can be severe, excruciating and debilitating causing difficulties in walking, exercising and sleep. Pain is important to listen to. Medication alone will mask its root cause and often cause further distress to the liver and kidneys.  Pains in the body most often have a structural/postural, musculoskeletal misalignment which must be addressed in conjunction with acupuncture and at times herbal medicine.


Course of 10 sessions to retrain the body, with meaningful results often seen in 4-6 sessions.

1.  Gait analysis

2.  Posture analysis

3.  Yoga therapy: how to sit, stand and carry oneself

4.  Deep tissue massage, Tui Na and cupping to release knots and old scar tissue

5.  Acupuncture therapies to redirect energies and blood flow to affected areas


Lightswitch Analogy;  pain is most effectively treated by treating the healthy side of the body, rarely into the area of pain.

Acupuncture is a proven, safe method to help men and women’s problems with infertility.

The following are symptoms/conditions that acupuncture can effectively treat for both men and women:


  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • High FSH
  • Endometriosis
  • Inability to conceive
  • Undergoing IVF treatment (IUI, etc.)
  • History of poor response to fertility medicines
  • Thin uterine lining
  • Menstrual irregularities/pain


  • Male factor subfertility
  • Low sperm count
  • Poor morphology/motility

Acupuncture works very well for infertility in both men and women. Acupuncture treats infertility by working to restore the body’s natural ability to reproduce, so results are more natural and come with fewer side effects than conventional infertility treatments.

  • Works in difficult cases
  • Regulates menses
  • Decreases menstrual pain
  • Improves ovulation
  • Improves response to IVF and other medical treatments (ARTs)
  • Is natural, with no drug side effects
  • Treats root causes, not just symptoms
  • Empowers patient to heal self

Initial diagnosis, including western work-up for TSH and FSH levels. Factors to be realigned:

1. Stress- Liver qi depression
2. Regulation of cycle
3. Fibroids, cysts, endometriosis- blood stasis
4. Polycystic ovaries
5. Poor egg, sperm- jing
6. Uterus is cold- not biphasic

Pregnancy success rate is increased 47-85% with combination of IVF and Acupuncture.


3-6 menstrual cycles, 1 treatment per week

Regulate cycle, (5 days, no clots, red blood, no pain/cramps)

Herbs and acupuncture for each hormonal phase:
1. Clear clots
2. Build blood
3. Warm uterus @ ovulation
4. Clear PMS (breast tenderness/ irritability, nausea)
5. Tonify DNA


3-6 months, 1 treatment per week

Improves sperm counts and motility- blood stasis. Stress


I have also had success in treating morning sickness, turning a breech baby, recovery from delivery and post-partum depression.

Typical PMS symptoms include irritability, bloating, weight gain, breast tenderness and swelling, mood swings, headaches and sighing.

Initial diagnosis/ consult.

Typical diagnosis is liver qi depression/ blood deficiency.  Liver qi depression is often drawn as a line spiraling in on itself.  The liver and blood are synonymous.  Anywhere there is blood in the body is associated with liver.

Stress:  is the biggest factor in causing this inward spiral.  It can typically lead to poor food/air assimilation in the spleen and lungs and therefore poor quality and quantity of blood/ ie the liver.

PMS symptoms arise as the liver fills with blood prior to menstruation.  This constrained blood typically leads to irritability, breast distention and pain, abdominal pain/nausea.


3-6 menstrual cycles with treatment 1 time per week to regulate the 4 weeks of the cycle. Acupuncture and herbs are given for each phase of the cycle. (See Infertility)




DESCRIPTION:  Fatigue, anxiety, stress, sleep disturbances and pain throughout the body are typical symptoms of Fibromyalgia. There are also digestive disorders which relate to stress affecting the liver.

Have you heard about the fascial layer?  Imagine the silvery skin of a raw chicken.  This silvery skin is the network of fibers that sends information from the muscles to the brain. With Fibromyalgia there has been a tear in the sheathing, which like an ungrounded electrical system is constantly sending shocks thru the nervous system. Ouch!

TREATMENT:  The key to repairing this sheathing is in consistent moderation of activities.  Gentle yoga poses are taught, held for a short duration and released.  Stress reduction techniques and movement meditation practices are taught to control the vagus nerve to reduce anxiety and fatigue.

Pain is exhausting.  With Fibromyalgia, the body is in a constant fight or flight response.  This releases cortisol into the system.  When the brain is telling you to run or fight, the autonomic nervous system is shut down.  No digestion occurs, sleep is poor and not really restful.  No wonder you’re exhausted!

Acupuncture treatment is often centered around the liver/gallbladder meridians, along with constitutional acupuncture to allow you to be the best you can be and therefore the least stressed.  Chinese herbal medicine may also play a big role in improving all symptoms.

Weekly sessions are advised.  A course of treatment is two 10 week sessions.

DESCRIPTION:  Since acupuncture is usually a secondary treatment strategy in the “cancer war”, here I will address situations where acupuncture has been incredibly effective.

Chemotherapy and radiation have a myriad of side effects.  Common side effects include nausea, weakness, fatigue, thirst, dizziness, anxiety and insomnia. With acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine we treat what we see.  People often go into a remission-like state with the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.  Acupuncture seeks to balance and restore qi/energy/vital life force.  The yin fluids and substance are often withered from chemotherapy and radiation.  The inside of the body becomes scorched like the desert.  Simultaneously we work to revitalize the yang/will to live.

I have successfully helped patients with breast, lung, stomach, colon and bone marrow cancers to get through recovery from radiation, chemo, surgeries in my 10 years as a practitioner of this amazing medicine.  Each patient is given an individual workup and treatment strategy to help them be most whole.


Often we go to the doctor and complain about something.  Test results show you are “normal” in the functional parameters, but your symptoms still exist.  In optimal medicine, we treat what we see.  Did your back pain improve?  Are there still headaches?  What is your energy like?  How do you feel mentally and emotionally?

The diagnosis of cancer may still present in an MRI or not, but patients often report a more revitalized and alive feeling and way of carrying themselves in the world.  No longer just a “cancer survivor” but a true being in themselves. Quality of Life vs. Quantity of Life.

All addictions including food, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, money, sex and shopping have similar roots.  Therefore, the treatment protocol is similar for all of them.

There are physical, emotional and psychological dependence issues at play.  A combination of the NADA  acupuncture protocol and constitutional Five Element acupuncture with Chinese herbal medicine is the most effective strategy for coming to grips with these issues. The treatment strategy requires frequent visits (2-3 per week) for 6 weeks.  It requires commitment on the part of the addicted.  I can’t make you quit if you don’t want to, although I can be of significant help.  I have helped people with all of the above addictions.

How does acupuncture work?  Acupuncture produces an endorphin response (runner’s high) in the body.  This allows one to remain calm and get to the next thought.  Like anything mastered, it requires practice and patience.

We will delve into the background of the behavior, how it serves or no longer serves you, how it makes you feel. What are you going to trade up for?  I want to help you to quit your addictive behavior!  Your time and mine are valuable.  The addiction is often costly to you both financially and socially.  I create a package deal to support your necessary involvement.  You know yourself, if you want something bad enough you will find a way to make it happen!

Headaches are probably one of the most common complaints I treat with acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  There are a variety of headache types: cluster, migraine, tension, stress, sinus…. Each has a unique signature but also a basic commonality.

In Chinese Medicine it is stated, “Where qi is blocked from flowing freely, there is pain.”  Thus our goal in treatment is to restore the free flow of the body’s energy.  It is relatively easy to draw the energy out of the head and alleviate the symptoms  with the correct treatment while the headache is occurring.   In chronic condition cases the treatment scenario is to treat the underlying root of the dis-ease.

In Migraine and Cluster headache conditions there is often an underlying deficiency.  Like a child who has let go of the helium balloon, it now bounces and pounds against the ceiling.  Further, migraines can be differentiated into those where the head feels like it is in a vice and those where it feels like your head wants to explode.   A series of 10 acupuncture sessions and appropriate herbal formulas should free you from further distress.

Stress and Tension headaches require exploration into who or what is a pain in your neck.  I consider 5 Element treatment successful when a patient reports that their typical stressor no longer has averse effects on their mind/body/spirit.  Teeth are saved as you stop grinding your jaw and insomnia becomes a thing of the past.

Sinus headaches are equally treatable though often require a longer duration of treatment (12-15 sessions).  There is often an underlying chronic sinus infection with these headaches.  Too often antibiotics have been over prescribed.  Antibiotics wipe out the good flora in the gut where 80% of immunity occurs.  This can further leave the digestion compromised.  So we must work at restoring the digestion and the proper flora in addition to clearing out all the phlegm from inside the sinus cavity.  Like mold on a shower curtain, if even a little is left, given some moisture the whole colony will re-take the sinus cavity.  Like stormy weather, once it’s cleared out it will feel like a beautiful, sunny day in your whole body!