We hear so many stories about people who had it all, and then did something incredibly stupid. Goto be 1 of them! We can buy insurance for our house, our business is, our cars, and if we search it out almost anything. As they say with risk comes rewards, oh yeah risks as well!
To be truly rewarded, find something you love to do. These rewards may not be financial, but will offer greater rewards. If you love birds it may be as simple as putting up some bird feeders. Better yet plant sunflowers and watch the goldfinches land right on them. Create ecosystems like a wildflower garden that invites in insects and butterflies which are beautiful and in turn feed the birds you love! Find what you are good at!
Five Element Acupuncture is actually a great and effective tool for understanding yourself. Each of us has an inherent skill set. Nature as they say. Five Element Acupuncture uses the tools of listening and observing to discern and help clients to draw out the unique skill set locked inside each of us.

Our “constitution” is ruled by a predominant emotion. If we are able to have insight into this predominant emotion, we can harness it how to make a rewarding career and lifestyle choices. If, on the other hand, we are always trying to live someone else’s dream i.e. your mother or father’s, we probably won’t be so happy, even if we are financially successful, it will always feel not good enough. And it probably won’t be, as it is not your passion and desire.

When we understand our emotional strength, we can begin to nurture it and turn it into a work of art. A born musician has inherent talent which can be polished through lessons and mentorship to become something that is uniquely original. By the same token a person with an earth element Constitution of mothering and care-taking would make a great health care provider.

The quick run through the other elements strength, a fire Constitution is outgoing, a born entertainer, they light up a room, they could sell ice to an Eskimo! A water element constitution asks what if? so would probably make a good scientist or researcher. A metal constitution is drawn to spirituality and insight, and so might be drawn into religion philosophy or counseling professions.

A wood element Constitution has vision, and can see projects from the seed of an idea to fruition. A natural born farmer or entrepreneur if you would element constitution has vision, and can see projects from the seed of an idea to fruition. A natural born farmer or entrepreneur.

So what are the keys to being successful? First understanding your inherent nature. Second nurturing that nature through mentorship and lessons. 3rd understanding what resources are available to you to get your kite in the air, then to control it’s loft and course.

A diagram of 3 intersecting circles can be drawn. Passion, nature/ inherent skill set, and what you can earn a living doing fill these circles. if you are able to maintain at least 50% you will likely be very successful and content!

Also back to the original idea, of a what not to do to do list. In this same mode figuring out what which aspects of a job suit your skills, and vetting out the other p as part s to someone else better suited to those tasks.

Continue through out your life and career to seek out mentorship, learn new skills, and keep your self engaged in your own life.

Find a 5 element acupuncturist to help clear away the dross of boredom and disease, of living someone else’s dream. Gather your resources. Find the right type of kite string, and kite, and of course the best time and location to launch and sustain your dreams.