Have a What Not To Do List!

We hear so many stories about people who had it all, and then did something incredibly stupid. Goto be 1 of them! We can buy insurance for our house, our business is, our cars, and if we search it out almost anything. As they say with risk comes rewards, oh yeah risks as well! To [...]

Give a Lever

That we are born into existence is a miracle. That we survive and thrive is both nurture and nature. Each of us a unique imprint in and on the universe. Our existence has potential consequences both good and bad. Your child may go on to inventions that change the world as we know it like [...]

I’m Doing Versus Being

Traditional Chinese medicine holds the concept of yin and yang as its basis. Today we will look at these through the lenses of being versus doing. Being is a more reflective/passive state associated with yin. Doing is a more active/task-oriented variation of yang. In relationships, men are characterized as being yang problem solvers and women [...]